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Even If You Suck….Just Do It

I’ve never  been the smallest girl in the room. For years there was nothing that I could do about that. I started taking prednisone when I was 9 for my medical condition and jumping from 10 mg to 60 could … Continue reading

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Cheddar If You Have It…

Two Eggs, Scrambled Hard with Cheese please, Cheddar if you have it, Yes from even you Beyoncé   That’s how I like my eggs. My dad never put cheese in our eggs growing up and he was inclined to add … Continue reading

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A few nights ago I had a random taste for a southwestern type salsa. In true Deanna form I am going to want it until I get it. So I head on down to Publix and grab a bunch of … Continue reading

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Its the Life the Life the Life!

Holy Painkillers Batman! I am off schedule again! But I blame it on the Muscle Relaxers (in my best Jamie Foxx voice). So here are my basic life updates in case you were interested. I am off to the physical … Continue reading

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For Such a Time as This

So today was pretty eventful.  I went to work. I wore a new outfit (gotta love birthday gifts). I got paid 40 dollars for eating baked beans.  (don’t ask, another day another blog) I went downtown for a Natural hair … Continue reading

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Its Just the Little Things People

Tomorrow is a Big Day, I mean a really Big Day. Tomorrow, I shall receive in my mail the ultimate tool for my life. Like you guys listen. This is BIG!  Huge! Colossal!!! Tomorrow the tool that will bestow happiness … Continue reading

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My Bible, and Pepperoni Pizza

There is something to say about when you actually pray a prayer that goes something like this. “Ok God, I am empty. I don’t know what to do, where to go or what you want. So Just tell me what … Continue reading

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