1st Quarter Updates!

Hello everyone!

Its been a minute but for good cause! Let me catch you up on what has been going on with me as well as what to expect for the second quarter. I realized we are almost halfway through the month of March and seriously an entire quarter of the year is already gone!! seriously…

1. I moved, I am still in the Greater Atlanta area but I had to get a new apartment because my old one had one too many floods so they let me out of my lease. However I did Move during A Work Contingent Exam and Finals for College……Yea it was a mess.

2. WORK! I got a new position at my job so I was in Training from Nov-Jan and a Week in Texas in Feb for additional training, so now that we have that underway it has been a lot better so I can get back on schedule with writing!

3. My Moms Birthday….She turned 60. It was Epic, Pics to come…..and records of all her tears…. it was awesome….

4. If you dont know already there is a Life Love and Randomness Facebook page!!!!! You can check it out right Over here….  https://www.facebook.com/Lifelovenrandomness?ref=hl Like it! Its a collage of these posts, Business Articles and all other manner of variousness that makes up my life and thoughts on a daily basis.


1. OH Lawd, there is a new category being added to the Blog. Called Whole 30. If you havent heard of Whole 30 you should read about it. I am scheduled to start Next Monday the 17th and I have never been More Scared and Excited!!!!!!!  I have a date with the Dekalb Farmers Market this weekend.  I do want to keep you posted so Posts will probably be more in the form of mini video’s and Pictures of food and some sprinkled updates.

2. Lisa Harzack and the Trainwreck two will start appearring on the 22nd of every month starting this month! Mark your calendars it is sure to delight!

3. So in an attempt of becoming all things healthy I have given myself a goal to run the Disney Princess 10K in Orlando next year. Yall just go ahead and lay prostrate and pray for me… Me and my janky knee are going to need it…. But if I get to dress up as Queen Elsa it will be all worth it! Let it Gooooooo…….

4. I will be decorating thus said new apartment this year and will potentially dabble in some fashion posts because those are the things I actually keep getting requests for! Ask and you shall receive!

5. Even if you may not believe it.  I think the things my dad says are epically funny and awesome, so now you will have to bear witness to a new category called ” Things Sebastian Says”  **His name has been changed for privacy and for the sheer fact he will tell me to take it down……**


Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica

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Your Thoughts…….

Whats the difference between Being NICE and being KIND.

Is there a difference to you? Can either exist independently???

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Loyal….To a Fault.

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”

Ann Landers


I have a dog. He is about 19 pounds of awesomeness named  Major. I adopted him when he was about 2 and a half. and have had him equal amount of that time. He treats me how I treat many people in my life. Loyal….to a fault.  When I am tired and I dont want to play three days in a row. When it takes a lot of of me to give him his petting/cuddle time. When I feel like on one day he gets into everything and theres fussing or 5 min of silent treatment. He still walks up whenever I am around. Puts his puppy looking face into my lap and looks at me with the most earnest eyes that I cant help but cave in.Image

We get each other. We love to be loved, and love in return. We like what we like. We do weird things and dont judge each other. 

But he is my Dog, and I am his Master.

Loyalty is something that is Decidedly Deanna, but with time I am learning that it is a precious thing to give.  I tend to have the belief that people generally mean you well, (Jaded, I know), and that comes to bite me many times. I am the helper and the do gooder usually to my own demise. Ive gone through periods where people thought I wanted something from them in exchange for being kind. Men and Women alike. Ive gone though periods where Ive expected basic courtesy (thanks anyone?) for being kind and have been met with silence.  There was one point and time that I wanted to shut down from who i was and not bestow loyalty or kindness on anyone, and I had a good friend tell me the following….”Don’t you see who you were meant to be? You were called to serve, its your calling and your duty in life. Don’t let other people deter you from being who you are”

So amid this knowledge came another dilemma. How do I balance who I am and preserve myself from being taken advantage of whether intentionally or not? Its a thin line I have yet to master.  

While there are times to serve. There are times I must serve myself as well. Well being, rest, and not feeling as if I have to explain why I cannot be the 120% version of Deanna. 

I will never, however, be ashamed that my preference, my drive, my nature, is to put others First.


My name is Deanna Amarica…And I am Loyal. To a fault. and damn proud of it.


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Cheddar If You Have It…

Two Eggs, Scrambled Hard with Cheese please, Cheddar if you have it, Yes from even you Beyoncé

 beyonce party

That’s how I like my eggs. My dad never put cheese in our eggs growing up and he was inclined to add some random seasonings that you thought shouldn’t go into eggs but he would add it anyway. It was good, I ate it, always…. But as I have gotten older this is my standard breakfast order, and I’m always going to ask for Grits instead of hash browns with Salt and Butter and not sugar (Seriously, northern people, Sugar? This is not cream of wheat!)

I remember watching Runaway Bride when I was younger and seeing how Julia Roberts always changed what kind of eggs she liked based on who she was with. Something about her sitting down and making eggs 50 million ways and deciding on what she liked for herself sparked something in me.

I had eaten eggs every kind of which way, and I realized I need to know how I like my eggs for myself. Not how someone else makes them for me, but I need to know what I want, and how I want it to look, taste and it needed to match what I was willing to pay for.

I like my eggs. Scrambled. Hard. With Cheese….


PS As I was talking this out with my friend Dara (Check her out at @trulyTafakari on twitter and WordPress), she suggested this video…… Since I am a believer in all things slightly ratchet I had to add it……

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica

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Decidedly Deanna

I turned 30 last year and I know it sounds crazy but it actually made a difference. I am finding and tapping into parts of myself and my personality that I never had before. I decided to choose a theme for my New Year.


I decided to start this year by sharing with you things that I know for sure.  Most of the things are not huge, just small things that make up who I am.

It’s easy to get caught up into creating yourself into the person you parents were, your community is or who you were expected to be.  It’s ok to be different. It’s ok to be you. Its ok not to want things to look perfect every single second.

Its also easy to just not take the time to experience enough to know what you like amid the comfort zone.

So All the Small things that are Decidedly Deanna are on the way …

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica.

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So, Its New Years Eve and I made the grievous mistake of taking a nap this afternoon and waking up hungry and having to talk to Comcast so needless to say I am not in the best of moods. There are other factors but these are the most immediate and contributory.

Anywho, I was/am determined to get one last blog out before midnight.  In thinking about what I wanted to write about I thought about a year in review, and then I thought about all the people who have helped me through this year or contributed to me being a better version of me. I used to do something like this every year on my birthday so we are revamping Deanna’s year in review Friendship style.

I found a quote today, that really spoke to me it states

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca


I thankfully have friends that even if they don’t understand me, they understand my heart and trust that above and beyond what the craziness that might be coming out of my mouth or what my momentary slip in actions may show, and I thank you……

Nicole P Cox- My Cousin, and friend. You have always been my big sis and I thank you for taking time for me to vent, to talk, to obsess, and figure it all out even when it cost us, literally thousands (for rAeal though glad we got that dumb international thing figured out) I thank Bit strips for bringing us closer, FB stickers for showing us how you really feel. And all of the animal emoticons on iphone that help us rock out spiritually….#ainuknowso!

Tameika Meadows- Your Tweedle Loves and appreciates you so much! This has been the most awesome year getting to know you and it feels like its been so much longer. I appreciate you knowing my level of weirdness and embracing it. Thanks for letting me love you through cooking, and helping me when needed!

Audrady V- Such a given,  so happy God gave you to me. Thanks for being my friend and being real and honest when it matters. Having friends that don’t judge and are literally willing to be down and dirty with you means the world!

Sherlethia J- AKA Lei!- So happy I met you and even happier you moved up here! I will never forget the help you gave me after my biopsy and my knee problems, forever thankful that you have such a loving heart! So happy for your happiness and wish you the best in the new year.

Ron G- I Blame You! For our friendship! Thanks for being easy to talk to and giving me a fair male perspective on things.  You have challenged me to go deeper spiritually and I am so thankful for that! Keep your perspective! Its bright!

Mike Channel- My Twin and my other half, you’ve been with me now for about 14 years and no matter the breaks in time or length of not talking our  connection has always stayed the same.  Thanks for being all Jersey to my Southern. I got you always, you know that

Quintina- My soul sister, we share the same quirks and flaws, God has a way of making sure one of us is strong when the other is weak. Our parallels speak volumes and as the years go by its great to se eus both grow and overcome! Cant wait to see what we accomplish in 2014

Dara- My Lil Bit O Sunshine. One of my favorite things about moving here was being closer in proximity to you.  Your quiet resilience has inspired me more than you know. You are a great sounding board and having someone so honest in their writing has really helped me on the path with my own. I love you.

S – I met someone that came into my life kind of late in the game this year. They taught me how to enjoy now. How moments created in the current stand for just enough as thoughts of the future.  I am unsure if our friendship will continue and get stronger in the new year, but I cherish all the moments I have had until this day.

Delanea- its been great getting to know another sis, another person who would rather call me by my nickname and has taken the time to seek me out, get to know me, and bless me in ways that I don’t even know you can imagine. I love you

Stephanie- a year and a half ago you came and sat down in my area when I was working in jax and we had the longest conversation and I knew from that moment you weren’t going anywhere. Thank you for being blunt, sharing your knowledge, and trusting me with your kids.  Being able to be with them truly highlights my days and makes me believe that I can do what you do someday.

Calvin- My Big, Big Brother. Thanks for all of your help and the laughs and being available when I need you! Oh yea and alcohol cake… all cakes of alcohol…yes…               

Brandi (Bestie!)- I miss you more than you can imagine, Our catch up convos are always so worthwhile, it has been an adjustment not being so close to you, but one I brave away! You are always in my heart and I will always be your cheerleader and Wifey no matter what! LOL

Tiff (Bestie #2)- this year has been a doozy for both of us. Your organization and what you have been able to accomplish still astounds me! Im proud of your resilience and that helps me keep faith. Keep pushing. I’m following your lead.

ALTON- The Boy Bestie- I honestly didn’t see you coming, and I hate sometimes your bluntness but I appreciate your honesty more. Thanks for seeing me in ways I don’t see myself and encouraging me to be the best version of myself! You are appreciated….


I know there have been more people that this who have contributed to my Happiness and I love all of you, but most of these people have touched me relentlessly throughout this year and I am forever greatful!


Happy New Years Eve,

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica

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A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

I make this face often….As I am remembering something I forgot….Always…..

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