Conversations with Sebatian- World Cup Edition

Yesterday on the way home I decided to call my Dad, Ive been trying to do this once or twice a week, just to check in on him, and because some reason my heart just tells me to. This is what ensued.

Me: Hey Daddy!!! How are you
Him: Im good how are you
Me: OK, just headed home from work, Whacha doin!?
Him: Oh just here watching the USA play Belgium in Soccer
Me: Ooooh, yes some people at work were watching it, who is winning?
Him: Oh they already played a 90 min set, score is 0-0 they have extended it to another 30 min and if no one scores then they will have a shoot out
Me: Awh man that sounds like a good game!
Him: Yes it is, our boys looks tired though… Wait Wait OOOOHHHH NOOOOOO Belgium just scored. Dee Dee why did you call me???!!!!
Me: Huh?
Him: Everything was fine before you called me, we had HOPE, we were going to make it!!!! the only thing that changed is that you called me.
Me: Really Dad, the entire USA has to blame me for loosing the World Cup
Him: Yes.
Me: Blank Face that he cannot see
Him: Child, seriously, why did you call…..


Signing out,
Deanna Amarica

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My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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