Whole 30 Wrap Up

So I finished my WHOLE30 challenge on April 15th. I couldn’t believe I actually completed it. After the first two weeks I didn’t post as much because physically not too much was going on. But I Did start seeing mental shifts and learning more in the last two weeks. I wanted to do a complete Wrap Up so here it goes.


1. I started getting irked by hearing the social lies and fake escapes we tell ourselves through food. ” Girl I deserve this chocolate”, ” I just HAVE TO HAVE  <insert anydamnthing>, “I couldn’t do what you are doing”. Dont get me wrong, these are social lies and escapes I will probably continue to tell myself over my life but for some reason I finally just noticed it was a lie. Now, there are times we accept lies in order to cope with whatever, but more than anything it taught me unhealthy thinking that doesn’t get checked, can get out of control or lead to continuing bad habits and essentially lead to unhealthy lives.

2. I now know what to do and have a plan for the future. After my reintroduction phase of trying foods I plan on living primarily a Paleo diet the goal is about 75% of what I eat or more should be Paleo compliant, and at least once a year do another Whole30 for cleansing purposes. I now have practice on how to eat well as an adult, what to transition to, and the realization that I need to buy stock in Organic Almonds….


3. We Eat Mindlessly and Without Purpose.  I didn’t realize how much until the Jar of Hershey kisses on my bosses desk started calling my name. Until I had to pass on the birthday cake and cupcakes handed out at least once a week at work. Until I couldn’t put copious amounts of sugar in my coffee. Until I seriously chose an apple over a cinnabon in the car dealership waiting room.  We eat because its there, because its offered because its community and because its comforting, but not because it is good for us. I learned how to say No Thank You and had to be faced with continuous wise choices. And I think in overall aspects of life I am better for it which brings me to my next point.

4. I Learned How to say No.  I went home to Florida two weeks before I started this challenge and my dad Preached a Sermon, now I cant tell you what the title of the sermon was. But i recall him saying the following simple and profound statement. “Saying No is a Practice” How and why that stuck with me I don’t know, but it did. I needed that. More than I thought I would. When my mom asked me how I was able to get through I told her my Dad gave me the words I needed that I would say every day for 30 days usually multiple times a day.

5. People Don’t Know What the Hell To Do With You. Some people will say Great Job and be encouraging. Most. Won’t. For whatever reason, because it sounds unreasonable, Because its a practice of denying yourself, Because you reflect a truth in them they don’t want to face. Then there are the intermediate people. They want to make it known they cant do what you are doing and keep asking you how its going and you cant tell if they are for you or waiting for you to say you messed up so they can feel better. Luckily I had quite a few people genuinely checking in and rooting for me. The text messages I got and the Congrats and Keeping it up helped tremendously.

6. I am MOTIVATED. To do, well anything! Whole 9 has amazing points and I now feel like i can do just about anything for 30 days. So I want to do multiple 30 day challenges this year with the intention of learning from each experience and hoping more healthy habits “stick” over time for my life in general.

There is so much more but these things are what have stuck out with me the most! Thank you so much for staying with me through this journey and the rest to come!

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My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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