Lisa Harczak and the Trainwreck Two

Just a Reintroduction of Lisa and the Trainwreck 2. Because Obviously I completely skipped over the 22nd. Keep posted every month on the 22nd for new stories from the Trainwreck 2!


Hey guys! I told you I would be bringing a few people along for the ride! Lisa Harczack will be contributing to LifeLoveNRandomness by letting us peek into the lives of her and her amazing two kids! Lucky for us Lisa likes to tell her stories in pictures too, so we will have a lot to share! 


Kids? No way!  I loved my twenties!  Take care of someone else? Up at what time?  No thanks!  I’m what?  Did you just say I was pregnant?  Oh dear, someone pour me a dr….. oh dear.

When I think about being a mom I think about my mom, she was awesome.  She did everything right or at least it seemed to me. My sister and I came out pretty great.  So the way I saw it, I’m sure I could do it too.  People have babies all the time……

I first realized I…

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