Whole 30 Day 5…..Angry Cat Status.

Today Is suppossed to be a continuation of a feeling that is described as Kill all Things…. I still think Im just angry about Sugarless Creamless Coffee.

These people were not lying. I just walked into the breakroom at work and someone left a Big ole box of Whitmans Chocolates out that had a eeriliy too cherry post it note that say. “Feel Free to Take Some.” Not one. SOME. Who the hell did this, and why did they think that is ok.

After I fought the intense desire to melt a piece of chocolate down into my coffee and pretend it was just cocoa powder I angrily stirred some coconut milk into hot water and then gave an angry cat face to the supervisor that kept messing with the tv in the breakroom which was messing up my morning peace of listening to the news. Sigh. They all can die for all I care.

I came back to my desk to attemp to make my sugarless coffee better by sprinking cinnamon into it and somehow ended up with this on my desk…..


Which in turn ended up somehow like this on my coffee cup.


Sigh, Its gonna be a long day…..

Signing out,
Deanna Amarica

About lifelovenrandomness

My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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1 Response to Whole 30 Day 5…..Angry Cat Status.

  1. d. tafakari says:

    Hang in there, sugarlump! Er, I mean agave nectar droplet! 🙂

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