Whole 30 Day 4


So According to the Whole 30 timeline today is the day I want to Kill All Things…. Right now the only thing I want to kill is my bladder which is preventing me from actually sleeping all night. 

I dont want to kill anyone……yet, but I am generally slightly More Eeyore with a Side of Pooh. (Sad and Craving Sugar).

Today is Thursday so its in General my Hard day. I leave for work at 6:30 (earlier than normal) and dont get back home till after 11pm. I have to plan extra.

I come in early so I can leave early so I can proceed to go to two college classes.

I am behind in my homework because I am tried. Not sleepy, just simply tired.

Ive been drinking a cup of sleepy tea every night to help actually lull me to sleep instead of just living in perpetural zombie land.

But Lets add something inspiring to the Cause!  My Day 4 Beacuse!



Signing Out

Deanna Amarica


About lifelovenrandomness

My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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