1st Quarter Updates!

Hello everyone!

Its been a minute but for good cause! Let me catch you up on what has been going on with me as well as what to expect for the second quarter. I realized we are almost halfway through the month of March and seriously an entire quarter of the year is already gone!! seriously…

1. I moved, I am still in the Greater Atlanta area but I had to get a new apartment because my old one had one too many floods so they let me out of my lease. However I did Move during A Work Contingent Exam and Finals for College……Yea it was a mess.

2. WORK! I got a new position at my job so I was in Training from Nov-Jan and a Week in Texas in Feb for additional training, so now that we have that underway it has been a lot better so I can get back on schedule with writing!

3. My Moms Birthday….She turned 60. It was Epic, Pics to come…..and records of all her tears…. it was awesome….

4. If you dont know already there is a Life Love and Randomness Facebook page!!!!! You can check it out right Over here….  https://www.facebook.com/Lifelovenrandomness?ref=hl Like it! Its a collage of these posts, Business Articles and all other manner of variousness that makes up my life and thoughts on a daily basis.


1. OH Lawd, there is a new category being added to the Blog. Called Whole 30. If you havent heard of Whole 30 you should read about it. I am scheduled to start Next Monday the 17th and I have never been More Scared and Excited!!!!!!!  I have a date with the Dekalb Farmers Market this weekend.  I do want to keep you posted so Posts will probably be more in the form of mini video’s and Pictures of food and some sprinkled updates.

2. Lisa Harzack and the Trainwreck two will start appearring on the 22nd of every month starting this month! Mark your calendars it is sure to delight!

3. So in an attempt of becoming all things healthy I have given myself a goal to run the Disney Princess 10K in Orlando next year. Yall just go ahead and lay prostrate and pray for me… Me and my janky knee are going to need it…. But if I get to dress up as Queen Elsa it will be all worth it! Let it Gooooooo…….

4. I will be decorating thus said new apartment this year and will potentially dabble in some fashion posts because those are the things I actually keep getting requests for! Ask and you shall receive!

5. Even if you may not believe it.  I think the things my dad says are epically funny and awesome, so now you will have to bear witness to a new category called ” Things Sebastian Says”  **His name has been changed for privacy and for the sheer fact he will tell me to take it down……**


Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica


About lifelovenrandomness

My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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