Cheddar If You Have It…

Two Eggs, Scrambled Hard with Cheese please, Cheddar if you have it, Yes from even you Beyoncé

 beyonce party

That’s how I like my eggs. My dad never put cheese in our eggs growing up and he was inclined to add some random seasonings that you thought shouldn’t go into eggs but he would add it anyway. It was good, I ate it, always…. But as I have gotten older this is my standard breakfast order, and I’m always going to ask for Grits instead of hash browns with Salt and Butter and not sugar (Seriously, northern people, Sugar? This is not cream of wheat!)

I remember watching Runaway Bride when I was younger and seeing how Julia Roberts always changed what kind of eggs she liked based on who she was with. Something about her sitting down and making eggs 50 million ways and deciding on what she liked for herself sparked something in me.

I had eaten eggs every kind of which way, and I realized I need to know how I like my eggs for myself. Not how someone else makes them for me, but I need to know what I want, and how I want it to look, taste and it needed to match what I was willing to pay for.

I like my eggs. Scrambled. Hard. With Cheese….


PS As I was talking this out with my friend Dara (Check her out at @trulyTafakari on twitter and WordPress), she suggested this video…… Since I am a believer in all things slightly ratchet I had to add it……

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica


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  1. d. tafakari says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Deanna! I’m @dtafakari on twitter and on my blog 🙂

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