Decidedly Deanna

I turned 30 last year and I know it sounds crazy but it actually made a difference. I am finding and tapping into parts of myself and my personality that I never had before. I decided to choose a theme for my New Year.


I decided to start this year by sharing with you things that I know for sure.  Most of the things are not huge, just small things that make up who I am.

It’s easy to get caught up into creating yourself into the person you parents were, your community is or who you were expected to be.  It’s ok to be different. It’s ok to be you. Its ok not to want things to look perfect every single second.

Its also easy to just not take the time to experience enough to know what you like amid the comfort zone.

So All the Small things that are Decidedly Deanna are on the way …

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica.


About lifelovenrandomness

My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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