How to Be a Great Social Non-Drinker

Hey Everyone! Thought I would introduce you to my friend Dara! An amazing writer and a witty blogger. I really enjoyed this post of hers and thought it would be a great add to LifeLoveNRandomness. Check her out at Reckless Acts of Punctuation!

dara t. mathis

The first (and last) time I went out for drinks with co-workers was a disaster. I have been a teetotaler most of my life. Social environments intimidated me somewhat, but I felt honored that they had invited me out to shoot the breeze and toss back a few.

My co-worker Kim gallantly offered to buy me a martini; scrutinizing the menu, I chose a pretty aquamarine one that looked like my favorite flavor of Powerade. As it turns out, I hated the main ingredient of martinis (vodka), which tasted like organic dirt. I was embarrassed, stuck nursing the drink and trying not to let my face reveal that I didn’t like it. I ended up passing it off surreptitiously to another friend, who promptly gulped it down like a pro.

Since then, I have picked up a few nuggets that help me navigate social environments without alcohol when I choose…

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