Java again?

Ok So I apologize in advance for the redundancy of my postings about coffee. I think my addict is showing, but I gotta share with ya’ll

So I am typically a hot coffee drinker, even in the summertime. However, I do live in the South and there are times when you just cant drink anything hot in the day for fear of implosion. Those are the moments that you head out and run on Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee!  Forget lemonade its my summertime refresher.

I bought one the other day and realized that I just paid 2 bucks plus for a medium coffee and my new found kick to save money jumped into overtime. I had to find a way to get this same yumminess at a fraction of the cost.

So I vauguely remembered pinning something on Pinterest a few months back that was supposedly how to make coffee concentrate for iced coffee so I got online and did some searching.

I found a few blogs and they all pretty much said the same thing.  Coffee, Cold Water, refrigerator and TIME!  Initially I balked at the idea of having to wait at LEAST 12 hours to capture my yummy goodness but then I decided what the heck i should at least try it.

So I grabbed my Archer Farms Carrot Cake Coffee that I bought at Target and and old large cleaned Prego Spaghetti Sauce Glass  jar and got to work.  I really didnt measure water but I did do the following

Dump 1 cup of coffee into the jar

Fill up half way with water and stir lightly

Continue to fill the jar till full and stir lightly again.


I couldn’t find my prego lid (go figure) so I wrapped the top well with saran wrap and added another layer of foil just for protection. I placed it in the back of my fridge and waited.

Most people said the straining process was long and they double strained through filters and such, but luckily I have a French Press I just poured it in there pushed the plunger and transferred the coffee to another formerly ocean spray container (Can you tell I re-purpose?)

Oh may Zing! I am a happy happy girl! the cofee tastes rich and not acidic, I just added a bit of flavor and half a teaspoon of sugar and it hit the spot. I get the coldness without having to add ice that waters it down and just a little bit of happy in my evening cup.  This may be a problem.

I can make probably about 6 or so cups out of this and technically (although I didnt this time) you can reuse the coffee grounds for one use!  Thats pretty much a 25 dollar savings per one cup of coffee!  Seeing that my entire bag of coffee was only about 8 bucks this is definitely one DIY thats worth the wait. Literally!

I cant wait to share with you the other things I save on these days.


What are you willing to DIY at home for the sake of savings and potentially a better result??


Signing Out

Deanna Amarica


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My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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