A few nights ago I had a random taste for a southwestern type salsa. In true Deanna form I am going to want it until I get it. So I head on down to Publix and grab a bunch of stuff that I felt would be southwesterny. I hit the jackpot. I came up with a simple salsa recipe that I am sure will be a new staple in my fridge.  I have a few things that I might tweak with it over time but I thought I would go ahead and share

Deanna’s Put It on Everything Salsa

**Disclaimer** In my head I really wanted a fire roasted corn slow roasted on a grill, but we aint got time fa that!  So I pan grilled a can of drained corn in one of my specialty olive oils from VSOP taproom, and a tiny bit of course sea salt. When the corn was nice and hot and poppin I dumped it in a bowl

Photo Jul 19, 6 01 35 PM      Photo Jul 19, 6 03 42 PM

I then Drained and rinsed a can of black beans and added it to the bowl

Photo Jul 19, 6 12 21 PM

½ a red onion diced up and dumped into the bowl

Photo Jul 19, 6 16 40 PM

1 whole red tomato diced and added to the bowl

Then Awesome of all Awesomeness happened, Cilantro in a tube. Yup a Tube. I love fresh herbs and I wish I could cultivate a nice herb garden but in my apartments there’s just not enough sun for that. So I hate buying them because I usually use it for the one meal and then its toast. I found this cilantro in the herb section of Publix and thought I would give it a try. I think I need to go back and buy all of them.

Photo Jul 19, 7 24 55 PM

Then I added salt, black pepper and chili powder, and lime juice to taste.

Happiness in a Bowl. I made it for an fresh alternative to basic salsa to eat with chips, But it went great yesterday with some pan grilled salmon and a quoina/brown rice blend.

I think I will have to keep this as a staple in my fridge.

Photo Jul 19, 7 30 20 PM

If you decide to try it please let me know what you think?!


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1 Response to Put It On EVERYTHING

  1. dtafakari says:

    I want to marry black beans and have little beanie babies… (wait…did I already do that??)

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