These Kids Tho Yo.

During my daily perusing of the Facebook I came upon a status that described the following encounter today.

“So me and [my daughter] went for a walk today. We passed these 3 little boys (about 6 & 7) and they were rappin “No Lie”. “I am smokin on that gas! Ridin round in that Cinemax!” Then when they saw me one said “dat booty look good” another one said “yeah that booty right” :0 I was shocked

I wish I could say I was shocked. I wasn’t. I was angry. I was pissed. I vocalized this to a friend and they asked why. Why? Because it is something that would be inappropriate for a grown man to say to me. It would be something that I would check immediately. It would get someone crossed off of my books. This isn’t cute. It should ignite something?!

Who is raising our children? If the parent knew would the child get disciplined out of pure embarrassment or disciplined because that parent truly recognizes the issue within the disrespect.

I am not a parent and I am not an expert in any way shape or form. With this being said, there is still not any good reason for a child to be comfortable enough to make comments like this and it be excusable behavior. Children mimic what they see, what they hear, what they experience, what they are around.

Do we also teach our children to stand up for what is right? What also stood out to me in this scenario is that two spoke and one was silent. My parents taught me to stand up for what was right and be respectful about it. There is so much power in that. So much beauty. Why not teach children to go against what may be popular in lieu of standing up for something they might believe or may witness that might not seem quite right.

Respect is becoming such a lost art. What is deemed as respect is speckled in fear and false senses of entitlement these days. I long to see children act like children again.

That’s all I got.

Signing Out

Deanna Amarica

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1 Response to These Kids Tho Yo.

  1. dtafakari says:

    Just your garden variety street harassment. sigh. Jerks in training.

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