Silent Voices

I believe that Politics is the lesser of two evils based on your personal belief system. No one agrees with everything all of the time, but you usually lean toward what is most aligned with what you personally believe.

I consider myself Non Partisan (although in recent years I have voted Democrat), I am also Non Denominational. For my personality both of these make sense. I like to see the God above the Religion, and I like to see the Human beyond your current belief. This usually gets me in “trouble” on all sides. I tend not to voice my opinions in general because usually these two subjects bring out things in people that can surprise you in so many ways, shapes and forms.

All across the media outlets is the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Words like Racism and Injustice abound. I have seen comments on both sides that have just left me literally disgusted.  A conversation at work today though brought home the core of many of these issues.

We as humans are emotional beings, we get drawn into what we believe and what we want to see and how it wants to play out. At the end of the day however, I really want to know how many of us truly pay attention to the lawmakers of this land? We get caught up every 4 years to choose someone that is supposed to make our lives what we want them to be. It is easily forgotten how much power comes literally from the state in which we live. If you are mad. VOTE, be a voice when it matters. VOTE in your local elections. READ the information given to you of your options. ASK questions of your local representatives. They are a lot easier reached than what we give them credit for. Use the beauty of a silent voice, the ballot. Its personal and it changes things.

When you use your voice, then you can yell.  I can YELL at the man I voted for when he does something that isn’t in alignment with what he told me he would do. I can CHEER on when a successful feat has been met that I believe will help this country. I can do these things because I VOTED, I took my undeniable right as an American to do so, therefore, the freedom allotted to me to speak in whatever behalf I wish is now ingrained.

Stop complaining when you have no intention of doing anything about it. Stop igniting other peoples fires when you have nothing but gasoline and no extinguisher. Educate yourself. Know your self and know your laws.

I am preaching to myself because I have been in a state for less than a year and still learning what they require of me. I plan on doing a lot of reading over the next few weeks. then and only then do I feel like my voice will be validated.

What do you think?

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica

4 of 30

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