What Do You Like?


I saw this post on Facebook and initially I thought, awh how cute? With all the crazy media that surrounds us on a regular basis a bit of cuteness always helps.  Then I watched it again and this time I had a different thought, what do you like? I mean as adults we tend to complain about a lot even the things that are good and blessings in our life.  We play down the basics of goodness in our lives on a regular day. I mean how many times do we think this job is just ok. Instead of saying I like that I have benefits, or a job period, or a person at work? It isn’t always all bad. When is the last time you thought this is an AMAZING day, that wasn’t driven by your immediate circumstances.

This little girl says she can do ANYTHING good, and all of her goodness came from what she is CHOOSING to like around her. She didn’t say My daddy and mommy and sisters love me. She said what she liked! I mean can it really be as simple as I am having a good hair day, therefore I can do ANYTHING?!

If its not, then maybe it should be.  When is the last time you loved everything around you and let that transform you into everything you should be?

Just a Thought?  I would love to hear yours.

Signing Out

Deanna Amarica

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