For Such a Time as This

So today was pretty eventful.  I went to work. I wore a new outfit (gotta love birthday gifts). I got paid 40 dollars for eating baked beans.  (don’t ask, another day another blog) I went downtown for a Natural hair event and ate free h’ourdurves   h’ordurves  Food.  So I seriously had a lot to pull from to write about today. I felt all Accomplished N Urban N Worldly N such. #VivaAtlanta!

But none of these moments could compare to me actually opening my big mouth and silently inserting my size 8, even when no one else knew except me. There’s got to be a better way for God to get my attention. I seriously think he laughs at me, continually, like always, when I try to figure things out on my own.

Insert the theme of the past few weeks.  Last Saturday one of my friends posted on Facebook the quote that says. “If you want to hear God laugh, then tell him your plans.” Then on Sunday in my book club it came up that instead of waiting on every little step and pretending like we don’t know what God told us, that we should always be in preparation and working towards the goals we do know. Because there may be a time that we have an opportunity to speak on what God has given us and there is a big difference between saying… Oh, I am Planning, I am working on, and being able to say. Oh this is what I HAVE completed. Which brings me back to today.

So basically I am working on starting a business that I feel led by God to do, and it will be natural driven. (That’s all the info you guys get for right now! I promise more to come!) And I am at this NATURAL hair event. The theme was killing me so much I didn’t even see it in all its razor sharp numbness.

 So we all gather around for a Q&A session and the first question raised was: “So has having natural hair prompted you to be natural in other areas of your life?” ::DING DING:: YESSS TEACHER I KNOW THIS ONE!  My hand shot up so fast you would have thought it was Sunday Morning Praise and Worship at Church at 11 a.m. service!  I proceeded to tell my Natural story and how it prompted me to start looking at my environment and making more natural choices, and how I make things not only hair products but other things for myself, and then I realized. I had nary a business card or product made (oh I have supplies though) that I could actually speak to. Just an experience. No proof.

And then I realized my delayed obedience has the potential to delay my blessings. And In that moment, something ignited in me. The realization of building your own timeline and the potential consequences it may reek on you spiritually, financially and emotionally isn’t something that we should take lightly.

So the lesson I learned today will be the Deannaism that I share, which is, A still heart locked in fear and complacency, will never know the freedom that comes with the tiredness of diligence.

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica


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One Response to For Such a Time as This

  1. dtafakari says:

    Beeeee the business! 🙂 And get some cards from! You know they’re awesome! I want a pic of the new outfit. No, I DEMAND a pic! Or it didn’t happen! 🙂 Happy birthday!

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