Its Just the Little Things People

Tomorrow is a Big Day, I mean a really Big Day. Tomorrow, I shall receive in my mail the ultimate tool for my life. Like you guys listen. This is BIG!  Huge! Colossal!!!

Tomorrow the tool that will bestow happiness in the form of all kinds of bakery delights will embark upon my mailbox and into my kitchen.

My coffee has been really lonely without Banana Bread, Zucchini Bread, or Just a plain ole Cupcake.  Oh Cupcakes, how I miss thee.

I am a baker, I wish I had all the nice awesome fancy things to bake harder stuff but I truly am that person that is going to bake a batch of snicker doodles on a Tuesday night because it just feels right. Peanut Butter Cake for a work potluck? I got ya. And my world famous Nutella Cookies, Like seriously famous, at least in MY world. And you just never know when coworkers need AM Monkey Bread; it’s the stuff that fuels a perfect day. And it doesn’t have to be summertime for me to bequeath an apple pie into someone’s life

Enter in the Bain of my existence…. The Gas Stove… I have baked in an electric stove as long as I can remember, these gas stoves up in good ole Georgia are temperamental, and baking is science exact science. I thought my baking life was over (at least for the next 6 months until I get out of this lease) but alas, Amazon  via Pinterest has once again saved my day, my life, and excessive caloric intake by popping up the best invention since the Bread Slicer.  Insert the internal Stove Thermometer this tiny device simply hangs INSIDE your oven to let you know what the temperature is. Genius, Pure Genius.


Everyone on my floor is gonna be really really happy. Or chubby, whichever comes first. Thank you oven thermometer. The Strawberry Cake I have been planning can finally come into fruition.


Signing Out

Deanna Amarica

About lifelovenrandomness

My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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