Hair Review: Every Day Coconut


So a month or so ago I went on a quest while in Target to find a conditioner. My hair really needed some TLC, and I was looking for a conditioner that I could add things to if I needed deep conditioning, but also something I can use with my Wash n Go for everyday use. Basically something Moisturizing.  I came across “Every Day Coconut” I hadn’t recalled seeing this before, and I was really about to buy Say Yes To Carrots which has served me well in the past, but my inner product junkie thought I would give this a try. It was fairly priced about 9 bucks for a 32oz bottle so I thought I would give it a whirl.

Yea, No Dice. Like I should have taken it back to the store kind of bad.

This conditioner is supposed to be for Normal to dry hair. First off it is EXTREMELY THIN! I probably had to use about 5 times the amount of a regular conditioner to get through a section of hair. While the product line says it has coconut oil and coconut water in it, I really think the water outweighs the oil content. The first time I used it was on Wash day and I felt like it did NOTHING for my hair. It seemed dryer than if I were to just wash alone and not use a conditioner at all!? I really think I would have gotten a better result with no conditioner and sealing with Oil Alone.

I decided to give it a second go especially since I spent the money and thought maybe it was because of the shampoo. Yep, Nope, again.  I just don’t even see how this is classified as a conditioner?  After 3 days of use I had literally used 1/3 of the 32oz bottle. I just couldn’t anymore. I went with my one of my tried and true’s and bought some Giovanni. Even though its 7.99 for only 16 oz I didn’t have to use much at all for the sections of my hair and it quickly rectified the drying effects of the EveryDay Coconut.

At this point I am kind of sad! Im not a product waster but I just don’t think anything added to this conditioner would rectify it? Maybe I will use it with Pure avocado to thin it out some but we will see.

I am also sad because I love the movement!  Everything is Certified Fair Trade, its Paraben Free, No Synthetic fragrances, No Animal Testing and even Gluten Free!  They have an amazing movement going in Africa and support all kinds of awesomeness, which I would love to support buy buying their product but they have got to do better! I would rather donate the cost of this conditioner for their cause than actually purchase it again.  Total waste!

Sigh, Lesson Learned. Stick with what ya know Deanna, just stick with it.


Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica

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