Lisa Harczak and the Trainwreck Two

Hey guys! I told you I would be bringing a few people along for the ride! Lisa Harczack will be contributing to LifeLoveNRandomness by letting us peek into the lives of her and her amazing two kids! Lucky for us Lisa likes to tell her stories in pictures too, so we will have a lot to share! 


Kids? No way!  I loved my twenties!  Take care of someone else? Up at what time?  No thanks!  I’m what?  Did you just say I was pregnant?  Oh dear, someone pour me a dr….. oh dear.

When I think about being a mom I think about my mom, she was awesome.  She did everything right or at least it seemed to me. My sister and I came out pretty great.  So the way I saw it, I’m sure I could do it too.  People have babies all the time……

I first realized I wasn’t going to fit into “the mommy mold” when my son was about 7 months old…by then I had already dropped him off the couch and accidentally fed him expired yogurt at least once.  He and I are flying to Virginia to visit Grammie.  Naturally, 5 minutes before we board the plane, we have a smelly diaper.  I wrestle myself, him in his stroller, and our carry on items into the bathroom and commence the changing process.  In an attempt get him cleaned up, he begins to pee, all over himself, me and the counter….meanwhile, there is a gorgeous woman (entirely too made up for a day of travel with an infant) in the “changing stall” next to me who delicately takes this little girl out of her carrier and changes her in less than a minute with one hand without breaking a sweat.  Meanwhile, next door, I am covered in pee, have misplaced a dirty diaper, am sweating profusely  and am contemplating how bad it would be the stuff my sons arms INSIDE his onesie so he can’t flail around.  I hated her a little as she walked past me with a lipstick filled smile of sympathy on her face.  How do I get HER luck!?!?

Fast forward a few years, still not sure if I am going to make it out of this alive, I have now locked this poor baby in a running car, (FYI, this makes the police come very quickly), found my son with an empty tub of Vaseline (he looked like a slicked pig)vasalinebencrayonben

and walked in on him creating masterpieces all over himself and bedroom (for TWO HOURS) with a box of crayola markers (he looked like Braveheart).  You’ve got to be kidding me?  AGAIN?  I’ve gotta get better at this.  My daughter arrives 9 months later…..

Now with an infant and a toddler boy.  I decide the way to get through this is a sense of humor, as much patience as I can muster…..oh, and wine.  Lots of wine.  Early on this sweet little miss of mine shares with me her fierce independence, strong will and love for coloring outside the lines.  By 3 months, no one ever wanted to change her and when it HAD to be done, it took two of us.  This little curly haired lefty of mine had my mom and dad laughing at me from 500 miles away.


Facebook gave me a way to share the funny things happening in my life with the world.  I wanted everyone to know that my kids were great.  And by great I mean, smart enough to make sure they run faster than me when they’ve done something wrong.  Not a day went by when something everyone else would think was funny happened in my house.  I also found that doing this mom-thing came with no rule book and I was going to have to wing it.  But by doing so I’ve probably done a few things that haven’t made me “Mom of the Year”, eh, my kids will be better for it right?  I mean, I am sure I am not the ONLY mom out there who has ever shut her sons head in the backseat window right?

Through Facebook, my children became known as the Trainwrecktwo, they are in fact a trainwreck.  But they are my trainwreck, and periodically I share things about what I’ve learned from them and from my own “Mom of the Year” mistakes.   Hey, we’re not perfect, we’re parents…..

Lisa Harczak is the married mom of Benjamin (5) and Maya (2 ½).  They live in Georgia with 2 dogs and a dad who is in the Coast Guard.  Through livelovenrandomness and Deanna Amarica, she thinks its important for all moms and dads to remember that its okay for you to sometimes just say “Will someone please come get these kids?!?!” 


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