Now You See it, Now You…Where did it go?

I was born with a photographic memory. It was pretty flipping awesome. (Insert a Jersey worthy Fistpump).  I remember my mom always sending me to find that obscure item in her vanity closet because I could remember exactly where it was. School was pretty much a breeze as long as I read. If I could remember where it was on the page I usually could retain what it was. This is also why math sucked because the answer wasn’t right there. Fast forward to age 16. I had a liver transplant, and who knew after being under anesthesia for 14 hours, my memory just wouldn’t be quite the same.  My photographic memory….wait for it…. vanished. Myyyyy Preccciouuuusssss!

I thought I was a bit of crazy, or a Lifetime movie in the making, but my doctor explained to me after being under anesthesia for a really long time like I was, it can affect your short term memory.  Needless to say Senior Year was a beast. I went from rarely having to take books home to taking every single book home every night because I couldn’t even remember what all subjects I had homework in!

I went on to Bible College for my first year and took classes like a fiend. I didn’t have anything else to do but school so it wasn’t too bad. Then, I moved back home, and with it lost most of my credits when I transferred to community college. I went into overdrive!  I started taking 15 credit hours a semester while trying to work a full time job with odd hours. Needless to say, it didn’t go too well! Then started my yo yo relationship with school, trying various ways to go to school, with no study skills, and to maintain working and nothing really worked too well. FINALLY 10 years later I finished my AA Degree from the local community college.  You Better Believe I walked!


Along the way, the failures of school inbred this weird, fear.  The anxiety that I have to even look at a homework assignment can be almost debilitating.  The stress that comes with completing even worse. When I DO get everything done though, I win back a piece of that success that I know I need.  One of the things I have learned along the way is that I do much better in a classroom or hybrid setting than completely online. Know your weakness and act accordingly right?

So it brings me to today. Right now one of the most important things to me is growing this blog, and continuing to share with you all.  So if you don’t see a post for a few days here and there, know that I am Homeworking (yes it IS an action verb!). It’s the best way I know to keep myself on track, and I promise to keep you guys posted along the way.

Btw if anyone is wondering, my memory has gotten better over the years, but nothing compared to what I remember as a child and as a teenager. C’ la Vie!

Signing Out

Deanna Amarica.


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My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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