If Ya Don’t Know, Now Ya Know!

So I thought I would take a moment today to explain why this blog exists.

I don’t consider myself a writer although growing up I liked to write.  I was sick a lot growing up and writing was a really good way for me to express what was going on with me so it became something very intimate that I liked to keep to myself and not really share. Sharing the things that I wrote became only something to do to people that were close to me.

When MySpace Came along (DANG Ya’ll remember MySPACE!!) I decided to put a few poems that I had written out there and got decent feedback from my friends. You know, the ones that are supposed to say you are awesome. At one point I even mustered up enough courage to go on stage at a local poetry spot and read something! Who knew I had it in me?

Anyway around 2010 I decided to start writing a blog that I called, On The Brown Couch. But I got frustrated really quickly with it. I felt like the things that I wrote didn’t flow or make sense it was just what I felt like writing at the time. So I got disinterested pretty quickly.

The end of 2011 beginning of 2012, I had a great Idea! I should just create a blog that just showcases how random I am! That’s how Life Love N Randomness got its beginning. I had every intention of starting this blog in January 2012, but it just didn’t happen. I really wanted this to be a place that not only showcased me but also showcased my amazing friends that are in different places of life than where I am! I really wanted their lights to shine though this experience. I even emailed everyone about it, and reserved this space on WordPress. Yea, it just collected dust…

Then I started feeling God tell me to write. And I pretty much created every excuse to drag out the process until I ran out of them. The last one was. I need a new computer! Which I got in September, so toward the end of this year I thought I would just write and see what happened.

Well my first week of blogging I had almost 150 views and was gifted 1 item with a secondary one on the way. Its extremely inspiring! And Challenging! But I am so happy that I started. Stay tuned you will see a few posts coming from friends of mine in the near future! I can’t wait to share the people I love you with you guys as well!

Stay Tuned

Signing Out!

Deanna Amarica


About lifelovenrandomness

My Journey, and the Multiple Random things that make up my life. Enjoy
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1 Response to If Ya Don’t Know, Now Ya Know!

  1. Delanea says:

    I’m definitely tuned in!! 🙂

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