It’s just good Genes…(and Garnier)

I really want the people at Garnier to understand something. Black(girls) People Like you. ESPECIALLY Black Naturals, ya’lls conditioner makes almost every curly girls cheapie list that I read about, so You (Yes YOU Garnier) should really advertise to us more. Ijs. But on to the amazingness of this post!



I discovered this purely by accident.  Garnier The Ultimate Cleanser: 3-Way Clean. I was roaming through CVS trying to make the most of my EXTRABUCKS, and the cleanser I picked up was just a few cents short of me getting 5 dollars back, so I remembered seeing this on the shelf for a tad bit more and went back and got it.

Yea, this is the biznezz!! ::Insert a Jersey worthy fist pump::  It is literally one cleanser that can be used 3 different ways….Stumped? Yea, I was thoroughly confused when I first got it but it is totally growing on me. So Garnier how do I love this product? Let me count the ways.

Way 1. Daily Cleanser- Its gentle enough to use every day, Moisten face and hands and just use really light motions it suds up a bit but not too much. I was SO happy that my face didn’t feel overly tight or dry when I was done. (I actually used it as the cleaner with my Clairsonic. Yup I own One, It’s just as awesome as everyone has told you plus some. I shall post more about it another day)

Way 2. Exfoliate- Now My face doesn’t really like to be exfoliated , I have to be really careful most exfoliates are too hard for my skin or I can only use sparingly, but that’s the beauty of this product I don’t have to buy JUST an exfoliate and have it crust away on the shelf! You use it like the cleanser but rub in circular motions for a minute or two just to get that deep downness that you may desperately need.

Way 3….Wait for it…..MASK!  yea I said it and I said it loud. A MASK! This stuff has a clay base so if you slather it on dry and leave it on for about 3 minutes it “detoxify(s) skin, and purifies pores” they were not lying. I mean half of my blackheads were gone after one use and definitely noticeably smaller pores which my clairsonic does a good job of but since I only use it about once a week now this is a lovely half way through the week work.

I struggle because in general most things end up breaking me out, more in an allergy type of way. So I usually try to keep it natural and use the oil cleansing method, but I find either too much oil cleansing or too much regular cleanser doesn’t do me justice either way. This is showing itself as a perfect balance between the two.  So check it out. Buy Garnier. Yes You!

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica

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