My Bible, and Pepperoni Pizza

There is something to say about when you actually pray a prayer that goes something like this. “Ok God, I am empty. I don’t know what to do, where to go or what you want. So Just tell me what you want to do no matter how small and I will do it.” Hence why I am still awake writing this blog, this is the answer. He told me to write, so I write. I don’t think I am the best writer. I truly believe my 12th grade English teacher would cringe reading all of this stuff even though I can diagram and re write, everyone else’s work in my sleep. When I write from my heart I really just don’t care about the punctuation and perfection, but yknow on to the actual Blog for today.

So I am riding in my car the other day, all hyped about this fast that I chose for the next 21 days (more on that later) and hyped about eating better and making better health choices because somehow some way I think it’s part of what God wants me to really work on and do right now, why who knows, but I am doing it.  And I hear a voice in the back of my head say. Soooo, you do realize the reason why you need to change your eating habits is because the same way you eat is the same way you treat God. HUH? WHA? I almost drove Dori the Hatchback into a guardrail…. And then it all flooded in.

Morning Jesus: Wake up Thank God for the Day and ask for a good one. I mean not a real prayer just a mini hey how are you this morning Jesus! Thanks for letting me be here to say that. As if that ritual is worthy of who he is, but yknow that’s where I was

Morning Food: Coffee, yup, just coffee just enough to suppress my appetite so I don’t have to wake up and make a healthy lunch or take the effort when I get to work to eat. Just coffee just enough to coast me through for the next few hours, Yup, sounds about like that 2 second prayer earlier today huh.

Afternoon Jesus: My coworkers will tell you I talk about Him. Yup I talk about Jesus, say a few mini prayers but mind you I didn’t have devotion today, I’m pulling on whatever I remember from Church and years of Sunday school to try to get me through the day and use that to help them as well. I only call on Him when a personal situation with one of them comes up that I need His help through. Yknow Just Enough.

Afternoon Food: Yea…. So since I am not trying to be healthy, or sleep, I didn’t pack a lunch, and I cant really afford lunch but I’m going to buy it anyways because now I am stranded, or Ugh, Let me grab that pack of popcorn or oatmeal, I happen to have laying around that I just remembered. Not enough to be nutritious but enough to just get me through.  OR BEST ONE YET. Let me BORROW some food from Khadijah’s bag, because yknow in a crunch you can Borrow someone’s sense of Jesus, oh I mean nutrition.  (C’mone Christians don’t act like you don’t know what I mean!)

Nighttime Jesus: Well I really didn’t plan for Him tonight. I’m sure I have a Christian Book or better yet my Bible laying around, but these last few episodes on Netflix are so much more important. More important than sleeping, more important than cleaning my house bc you know I’m TIRED, more important than prepping good food for tomorrow, just more, because I don’t have to think about it. I will make sure to let him know quickly before I fall asleep that I appreciate him, But TOMORROW. I can tell everyone about this episode of Bones, and SVU.

Nighttime Food: Well, I worked too late, and I didn’t plan, so whatever. Whatever currently satiates me to get me through until tomorrow. I’m starving and I will make something quick because its all about what currently comforts me until tomorrow.

So there you have it, the parallel of my physical and spiritual life, and then it started to make sense. How the shift works. Eating better making sure I sleep and pack a lunch and healthy snacks and leave work in time to work out, also translates into. More rested in the morning to actually pray, cutting out extra late night meals in front of a tv to write when God tells me or Read my book for my Christian Book Club, or Read his word or review pastors message from Sunday. Just more time, to be the best version of me I can be.  The Bible says in Psalm 34:8 “Taste and See that the Lord is Good.  Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!” , So now I just make sure I make a point to Taste God. And it’s the most refreshing thing I have had in a while.

Signing Out

Deanna Amarica


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1 Response to My Bible, and Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Delanea says:

    You just checked me… and I appreciate it!! Two things you said hit me at my core: 1: “I’m pulling on whatever I remember from Church and years of Sunday school to try to get me through the day and use that to help them as well.” 2: “yknow in a crunch you can Borrow someone’s sense of Jesus, oh I mean nutrition.”
    My ability to relate to these two statements all too well, at first makes me want to be embarrassed, and feel guilty. In fact, I didn’t want to respond at all,… but just before the devil gains a victory on me, I am moved to a place of thanksgiving! Our God is faithful! He does not forget us when we forget Him! When we feel most undeserving, He shows up in the most unlikely places, like this blog post to say, “Yep, that’s you, but I am calling you higher, won’t you come up here with me?” He is RELENTLESS; He is GRACIOUS; He is MERCIFUL; He loves HARD; He Won’t let go of us!

    Thank you for being obedient to God’s instruction!

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