We on that VSOP….Hard!

So I am still on the high since Saturday, in which amazingness I had the joy to experience. I have to give a total shout out to the VSOP taproom. My new favorite place in all of Atlanta.  So what had happened was, while perusing down Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell Georgia on Saturday, yea I had an exploring bug in my spirit, and I came upon a cute little French Bakery with my good ol new friend Tameika Meadows in which we got petite fours and whatnot. Then as we were walking back to my car (AKA Dori the Hatchback) I saw a little spot called VSOP Taproom, and it said Free Tastings. I had no clue what was in the place but the words Free and Tasting can usually get me to at least poke my head in.

And then it began…

I was greeted by one of the owners immediately and I have to admit, I was thoroughly confused initially. A beautiful shop with a nice open space and two counters down each wall of the store with a bunch of wine looking bottles. There were shelves above the bottles with small kegs on top.  It smelled way too yummy in there to actually be a beer garden so when I was asked if I wanted to TASTE some olive oil in a plastic shot glass I thought this man had lost his mind.  I’m game for most things so I let him pick out an olive oil and I tasted it… Oh, My, Baby, Jesus. It was GOOD!

I instantly cursed Whole Foods in my head. I mean I have spent up to 20 bucks for a “good” EVOO but whatever the foolishness that they have tricked me into purchasing over the years is not worth it and overrated. THIS STUFF tastes like they have hijacked someone’s grandmother from Sicily to hand squeeze the oil out of the olives and she lives in the back! Here the kicker. I don’t even LIKE olives, but I like this stuff just basic ol EVOO! There was this amazing Organic Tuscan Herb EVOO that tasted like it already had pesto in it! Heck I can save the calories on that alone!

Moving along to the other side of the room… Ahem! ::looks around:: My Name is Deanna, and I think I am addicted to…Vinegar. Yup you heard me right. VINEGAR. Listen Children, and listen closely. I could actually drink this stuff. Out of all of the yumminess I purchased the  Grapefruit Aged White Balsamic Vinegar because I am in a summer salad phase. I’m marinating my strawberries and mandarin oranges in it with a little lemon and agave nectar and instant salad dressing calorie and fat free.  But Seriously some of the flavors are Honey Ginger, Lemongrass Mint, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Fig, Honey Serrano. To just name a few and these are actually all ones that I tasted.

I plan on showing up with $10.00 (Oh yea did I mention that you can get this home for as little as 10 bucks!) every two weeks on payday and just collecting them all. I mean I’m seriously considering buying a Really Nice Wine Rack….for my vinegar. I’m hooked. And I need ALL of you to check out their website and Purchase something. They SHIP!  Also check out the recipe section if you have no clue to what do with such amazingness, they even tell you how to make stuff. You can’t get any better than this. These guys have only been in business here for 9 months and I totally get their vision so please TRUST me on this, take a leap of faith and just ORDER!

www.vsoptaproom.com    LIKE them on Facebook and let them know Deanna sent you their way!

Signing Out,

Deanna Amarica


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