My Trip to the Farm….ers Market

–Disclaimer, this blog was written with Avatar playing in the background. Whatever that is worth…–

So in true Deanna New Years Resolution form, this year includes something that has to do with being fly by summer….yea…. we know how those past attempts have gone! I’m still just as fluffy as ever. This year however, I have a goal! And Lawd Goodness is it a big one. I shall turn the big 3-0 this summer. I plan embarking on the “Fight the Fluff” campaign in order to be as jazzy as possible by July 9th ::insert shimmy here::.  For the people that know me well I pretty much epically fail at anything that seems like too huge of a piece of pie at one time.  (oooh, pie, wonder if I can bake and eat a whole one by the 31st?) Anywho back on track. This is the beginning of my plan to curtail the curves.

Step 1. Eat Breakfast.  My biggest issue is I don’t eat breakfast, which is extremely strange because it really is my favorite meal, but since I like the snooze button,  I don’t wake up and make eggs n grits every morning, which is Step One in getting myself back on track.

Step 2.  The Dekalb Farmers Market.  Ok, for those who are not familiar with the Great Country of Atlanta, please know the Dekalb farmers market is a little overwhelming for those who may not understand the pure significance of what this place truly is. I would post pictures but they actually have signs in there that say no photography allowed…WTH? But let’s just say I think I counted about 15 different types of peppers alone today. It’s that kind of place.  Having a West Indian background I can find things there that are next to impossible to find in general. So basically my fresh fruits and veggies are not in jeopardy!

Step 3. Sleep, yea so I’m noticing how my horrible sleep patterns directly affect things like not feeling rested enough to exercise or get up in the morning to make breakfast, or work, or think….so I bought two organic teas at the farmers market. I’m not going to disclose yet until I actually try them out…. I am hoping for a good report though and a reason to write yet another blog.

Step 4. Plan. If I don’t plan what I eat, then bad, bad things happen. Which basically means, cook. Real food. Not quickie meals.  My Hamburger Helper days are coming to a slow end. I know HOW to cook, just haven’t made time to do it. So back on it.

Step 5. Make Healthy Choices. I decided in the month of January I am going to give up pork. Yea Ya’ll heard me right, and I’m telling you right now beware of another lamenting laden post in the future concerning… Noooo baaacoooonnnnn… But I got some turkey sausage (who knew there were so many kinds!) at the Farmers Market so we shall see how this goes.

The Journey Begins.

Signing Out

Deanna Amarica


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