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Lisa Harczak and the Trainwreck Two

Hey guys! I told you I would be bringing a few people along for the ride! Lisa Harczack will be contributing to LifeLoveNRandomness by letting us peek into the lives of her and her amazing two kids! Lucky for us … Continue reading

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Now You See it, Now You…Where did it go?

I was born with a photographic memory. It was pretty flipping awesome. (Insert a Jersey worthy Fistpump).  I remember my mom always sending me to find that obscure item in her vanity closet because I could remember exactly where it … Continue reading

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If Ya Don’t Know, Now Ya Know!

So I thought I would take a moment today to explain why this blog exists. I don’t consider myself a writer although growing up I liked to write.  I was sick a lot growing up and writing was a really … Continue reading

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It’s just good Genes…(and Garnier)

I really want the people at Garnier to understand something. Black(girls) People Like you. ESPECIALLY Black Naturals, ya’lls conditioner makes almost every curly girls cheapie list that I read about, so You (Yes YOU Garnier) should really advertise to us … Continue reading

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So This One Time….At Fusion…

So today I have been mulling around in my head wondering if I had any amazingness to share with you guys today and I came up…Blank. Like Aquaman is not impressed blank.   Then, I went to Church. Fusion to … Continue reading

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My Bible, and Pepperoni Pizza

There is something to say about when you actually pray a prayer that goes something like this. “Ok God, I am empty. I don’t know what to do, where to go or what you want. So Just tell me what … Continue reading

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We on that VSOP….Hard!

So I am still on the high since Saturday, in which amazingness I had the joy to experience. I have to give a total shout out to the VSOP taproom. My new favorite place in all of Atlanta.  So what … Continue reading

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